BMW Hams Hall
Manufacturing Plant, Brazil*
Trim & Final Production Facility*
Body-In-White Facility*
Metrology Centre*
Design Studio*
Data Centre*
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Hasker Architects has extensive experience within the automotive sector with many different car manufacturers. These companies are extremely successful but much of our work within this industry is subject to non-disclosure and therefore the details in the following section including images have been screened. However, we have experience in all aspects of the car manufacturing process including:

  • Body in White Shops

  • Trim and Final

  • Press Shop Extensions

  • Market Place

  • BIW Stores

  • Conveyor Transfer House

  • Office Alterations and New Prefabricated Buildings

  • Visitors Centre

  • Fuel Farms

  • Data Centre

  • Substations

  • Metrology Centre

  • Waste Management Centre

  • Business Protection Offices and Fire/Ambulance Station

  • Powertrain Testing Facility

  • HFO Tank Farm

  • Blue Box High Bay Storage Facility

  • Roof Top Conveyor Bridge to Blue Box Facility Automated Deliver

  • Receiving Deck

  • Battery Charging Building and Battery Bull Areas

  • Paintshop Extension

  • Installation of incinerator (TARF) for waste management centre

  • Gate House and Security

  • New Production Factory

  • Visitors Reception Refurbishment

  • New Gate Houses

  • COP Building

  • High Bay Automated BIW Store

*Image used for illustrative purposes only

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