BMW - Hams Hall

New build headquarters and office accommodation for BMW – Part of the 100,000m2 plant design, Cat-A.


When opened, BMW's new award-winning engine manufacturing plant at Hams Hall, with a floor space of over 100,000m2, was the most advanced facility in the world. It manufactures petrol engines for all of the BMW 3-Series cars and the Mini.

The plant comprises two large areas for engine machining and engine assembly, together with warehousing, laboratories and offices. It also includes extensive engine testing facilities and its own fire station.


This award winning new engine factory was designed in conjunction with Roltons’ mechanical engineering team. The facility is of high quality throughout, and remains an excellent working environment. Insurance requirements led to the separation of the Machining Hall with the assembly line by a 4hr wall with interlocking fire door lobbies etc. The high bay automated storage feeds the automated guided vehicle delivery system. All support facilities were designed for this factory


North Warwickshire Council – Hams Hall Engine Plant, BMW Civic Award

Birmingham Design Initiative – Hams Hall Engine Plant, BMW Award

National Civic Trust Award – Hams Hall Engine Plant, BMW Commendation

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