Electrification is now leading the way in terms of car production and the effects of this on the industry and its current infrastructure is vast and complex. 


Hasker Architects are currently working with a major car manufacturer on a trim and final production facility that will house and produce electric vehicles.  This complex process has significant bearing upon the design of the new buildings that will house them. Large complex fire strategies involving Fire Engineering Consultants are needed and co-ordinated by Hasker Architects to support the design.  Hasker Architects are working closely together with the car manufacturer as part of a wider team to produce architectural support and co-ordination as well as ‘Principal Designer’ duties under CDM Regulations.


The project itself is circa 64,000m2 together with other associated works such as a conveyor bridge linking to existing production facilities, numerous JIT conveyor systems, new entrance, welfare facilities and a new fuel farm to name but a few.

*Image used for illustrative purposes only